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Selling toronto real estate

Selling Toronto Real Estate

Did you know that 1 out of 3 listings is a RE/MAX listing? Re/max Hallmark is officially the largest residential real estate brokerage in Canada, with over 8 offices in Ontario and over 1,100 agents.

Paul McDonald of RE/MAX Hallmark has been representing clients across the Greater Toronto Area since 2003 and has facilitated just about every aspect in the business from simple condo purchases to complex condominium developments to his core business, residential real estate focusing on homes and condos across the Toronto market.

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What to expect when you list with us…

Since each property is unique there shouldn’t be hard set rules in place or expectations. We all have different ways of living and situations. For example, you can’t stage a house with tenants, or why stage a house at all when the house already shows beautifully. Let us break down our services to better suit your needs


Before the listing

To be successful in selling your house at the highest price there has to be a well thought out strategy. Currently the Toronto real estate market is experiencing a boom, with houses in short supply almost every house sells over asking. You may ask yourself, why does this happen? The reality is every house sells over the asking price when it’s grossly under listed. This is just one part of the equation.



It's hard to imagine how a house can look it's best, especially if there's no furniture in the property. From our experience when a house is empty people don't get excited about the property because they can't visualize how big a bed would fit in a room or how furniture can be positioned to fully utilize the space; not to mention left with a cold feeling of an empty house. Real estate sales are often driven by emotion, hence the multiple offers that are so prevalent in our current market place.

Toronto real estate agent


Most homes are sold through a system of co-operation among Realtors known as the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. Under this system, a Realtor working with a Seller offers to co-operate in the sale of that property with other Realtors. Any co-operating Realtor may then become a “sub-agent” of the original “listing” Realtor. That means co-operating Realtors – even though they are working closely with buyers – may actually be agents of the seller and must represent the interest of the seller.



Our goal is to get as many people as possible to look at your house and bring you an offer. More offers equals more money, doesn’t that sound great?! To learn more about this listing strategy please get in touch with us, there are many ways to reach us, phone, text, email, facebook, twitter, etc.